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Google and Facebook Advertising

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  • Google, Yahoo and Facebook advertising Services

    Google, Yahoo and Facebook advertising Services

    As web site promotion specialist, we can expose your business to thousands of Nigerians while effectively branding your business.
    Starting with Google, Yahoo and Facebook advertising, as you might already known, these are the best advertising channels on the internet today, they are very good.

    But before you can really exploit their full potentials, you need experienced PPC professionals or else you stand a chance of loosing a lot of money to poor ROI conversion rate (ROI Conversion is the margin between visitors and action takers)

    How does it work:
    The Google™ AdWords and Facebook advertising programs are based on what we call the ‘Pay Per Click’(PPC) model – meaning you pay only for the ad when someone clicks on it.

    Choose what to pay and only pay for results. Your ads appear for free, and you only pay when interested users click on your ads and go to your website.

    With Google advertising, your adverts will virtually show up everywhere online just like: Jumia, Konga ads etc
    One major Facebook advantage is that you are able to advertise a particular product to a particular age group, more targeted individuals.


Quality Traffic 

Quality Traffic

When it comes to selling products & services online – the QUALITY of your traffic is much more important than the quantity. That's what we deliver top notch!.




We aim to continually improve performance of our campaigns and use structured testing and optimization to accomplish this. You are dealing with experienced PPC managers.